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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The new conversationalist

Braylon is now a capable conversationalist. Here is the script to a couple of the conversations we have had recently. Upon waking him up in the morning, he looks at me and says, "Missed you mommy!"
After going to Mc Donalds play yard for the first time I asked, " what did you think of the playground?" He replied, " Loved it!" Then I said, " Did Will have fun?" he said, " hmmm, cried a little bit."
The other morning, he looked directly at me and dumped out his cereal and said, " Bray time out, mommy." To which I said in my firmest tone, " Yes that is right, Bray gets a time out."
The Peterson boys are growing up too fast! Can I hit pause, right now? I am not sure if I want them to get much bigger?
I have been pretty consumed with coaching our schools first ever soccer team. We are 0-4. And the loses have been pretty big! Almost all the girls have never played before and we are playing pretty experienced teams. Most games I get comments like " What do I do in that position again? " or "What, I can't warm up with a sucker in my mouth?" or " When can I go to the bathroom? " or " How any minutes is the game? " or " Do I have to run the whole time I'm in?" or, from the goalie, " Hey can I pick the ball up here?" But the girls are having fun and enjoying being on a team. I have been encouraged by their tenacity and determination to keep at it. They are sweet and very entertaining.
As you can notice from the picture, I cut my hair... 8 inches to donate to Pantene for wigs. It is a nice change, I think it makes me look more like a mom. Fitting, I say!
Tomorrow is Mikes birthday! We are going golfing, and I also got him a one hour massage. He has been achy lately, probably due to old age :)
Some of the pictures are from Bray's birthday. We had a blast with several friends and family members! Hope all of our readers are doing well!


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