The Peterson Family

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the Petersons.

We spent the holiday in Mexico. It was filled with wonderful memories and time with family. The boys were great travelers and even better playmates. Lately, I have really been thinking and praying about being present in every moment. This is my hope for the new year. Trying to fully enjoy each moment and to really see people when I am interacting with them. Most of all seeing and being present for these four little, or not so little, guys.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


 Sometimes I watch my boys when they are asleep and pray over them.
Sometimes I hold them so tight and wish I could freeze time.
Sometimes I try and think about my life before they came and wonder how I ever filled the minutes. i can not remember.
Sometimes I think about them as big people. What kind of big people will they be? Will they remember that I prayed over them when they were asleep?
Sometimes I get nervous that this world will harm them, scar them- it will surely disappoint them.
Sometimes I want to abandon my grown up day plans and just be a fly on the wall and watch them clumsily yet beautifully navigate the demands of their day. I know I would be inspired.
Sometimes I feel the need to tell them a million times a day that I love them, thinking this love will carry them through all of life's waters. It won't. Only God's love can. Yet I tell them as a sort of desperate insurance policy.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

reading, fun, and summer

I am so delighted that Braylon has taken to reading. Seriously, as an English teacher it makes my heart so happy to see him a lover of books. When he is not playing this summer, he is reading. The other night I went to check on him before going to bed at 1030. His light was still on which I thought odd and there he was perched in his bed. He said. " I just had to finish this Willie Mays book mom." I put him down at 8:00! 

I am soaking up these last few weeks of summer before going back to work! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

It has been too long. This is my only hope of documenting the childrens' childhoods. I have got to get better. Lets see what is new in our coop. Well, speaking of coops, we are the proud owners of chickens! Seven feathered friends now grace our backyards. The big boys have been harassing us for a while about getting chickens. We told them that the only way we could get them was if they paid for the coop. Well, one hot May day during a neighborhood celebration, they sold lemonade and low and behold made over $150. Can you believe it! In under 2 hours. So we made good on our promise and have a backyard full of chickens.

In other news, summer has been full of activities. Tennis, VBS, art camps, trips to the lake, and science camp. So much to do in such a short season. With four boys we are taking it all in. We are also trying to continue a relaxed rhythm with home school. Last week we discussed the current events and lamented the recent distress in our country. We took the boys to the govern's mansion to partake in the Black Lives Matter Protest. We told them that it is important to support those who are hurting and to protest things that we believe are not ok. These discussions led Braylon to want to write a letter to Obama regarding gun violence of all kinds. I included the letter below. he is so eager to see if his letter makes a difference. I hope all the boys have zeal and passion to do what they can to fight for what is right and just. As the mom of four white boys, I feel motivated to teach them about our countries history from a lens of realism, highlighting white priviledge and all the sadness that it has birthed and perpetuated. It may seem too heavy for their little brains, but I want their first teachers regarding the injustices of the world to be us, so that we can open up the conversation from an early age. In a time of difficulty in our city, I was very encouraged by the boys' hearts; listening to them process and hearing their desire to see justice and love for all. Lord, have mercy and grace, and pour out your spirit upon us that we may be reconcilers, peace pursuers and lovers of justice.  We need you!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Oh my heart...these kids

These Kids...are TOO much. Too much fun, too much trouble, too much work, too much love, too much, too much!!
Lets start with Bray. The boy is growing up TOO fast. As a first grader he is reading more books in a week than I ever have. In fact last month, he was the star readerHe  in his class. Reading the most minutes over spring break! I love his hunger for learning and his intense work ethic. The kid has focus and drive! He is constantly quizzing members of our family... "mom do you know what 1/8+ 7/8 is? I will give you three option A.....)

William.. this guy is one of a kind. I took him on a date the other day and we went to a local yarn shop so he could get his first knitting project. he has been asking me for months! The owner of the store was so pleased a six year old boy was eager to learn the joys of knitting that he asked Will what his favorite color was. When Will replied orange, the owner came back with three skeins of yarn...
" These are on the house; our contribution to the beginning of your knitting endeavor!" I love it so much! The boy is constantly wanting to create, craft, collect and brainstorm new ways to make money. He wants to sell lemonade, knit hats, bead creations and rock collections to all our neighbors and friends!

Jonah...loyal, affectionate and silly! He loves to try and get his brothers to laugh and will invent silly sayings and words to hear them giggle. He is also quite fast. Most everything to Jonah is a race and when he sets his mind to his next destination, he lifts one leg, like a road runner, and sets off! Apparently, four year old girls find his speed and silliness enticing as well! Several young girls, from classmates, to church friends to even family members have declared their desire to marry Jonah. Ladies Man!! I love hearing his giggles and it has been fun to watch him come out of his shell!

Silas... he is the exclamation mark at the end of your family! This guy is extroverted through and through. He has quickly warmed up to going to preschool everyday and eagerly steps into class everyday running up to his friends and teachers informing them about his latest adventures! In fact today, I had some extra time,

so I stayed awhile in his classroom and read stories to Jonah and some of his friends. Silas quietly came up to me and whispered in my ear "Can you leave now Mom?" He is three!!! The kid seriously can not sit still and gives us a run for our money most days with his new found stubbornness. But his charm and smile melt my heart. His earnest ideas and sweet and very loud voice crack me up.
Too much!! I love it! Well, most days I love it. And on the days when I don't ( which do happen), I have to remind myself of all the too much-ness and how incredibly blessed I am.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Tag your it!!

It is my turn. Mike quit his job at Urban Ventures after 8 great years. And now it is my turn to work full time. It has not been my turn in over seven years... so the last few months have been an adjustment. Mike is home with the boys, manning the homeschool stuff and doing way more chores and cooking than I EVER did when I was home. I have to say I set the bar very low in the chores and cooking department when I was mostly home. This has served him and I well, because now we are both pleasantly surprised that both of these bars have risen dramatically. Instead of frozen pizza or PB and J, we are having pork chops, pasta or even pancakes and bacon. It is wonderful! 

And I am still teaching at Hope, but have taken on three additional classes, which makes me full time.  
Mike was in need of a break for awhile from work/ministry/professional responsibility....We have talked about him leaving his job for awhile, but didn't know exactly how we could swing it. So when a full time position came up at Hope in January, it seemed like the right opportunity. And after about 8 weeks, we feel like it was indeed the right decision. I am enjoying the change of pace that working full time has provided and Mike is really liking his time at home with the boys. 

This season has certainly given us a greater appreciation for each other. Mike is grateful that I am bringing in a full time income and I am grateful to get a break on the home front (mostly the cooking and chores thing again. Although I never really did them, now I don't have to think about how I should be doing them:) I have had some struggles with missing my little guys. I have a whole new appreciation for working mamas! Each hour with my kiddos feels more precious and I often I feel like I am racing to get home so I can have a little bit of quality time before they are down for the day. During long breaks in my schedule at work I am trying to squeeze in being a recess helper at Bray and Will's school or meeting Mike and one or two of the boys for lunch or quick snack.

Although I have felt spread thin over the last few months, it has been amazing to watch Mike spend more time with the boys. He is really finding his groove with it and the boys are benefiting from more intentional time with him. 
As always, we are blessed.  

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas

This year we went to the Grandview Lodge up north to celebrate. Grandma and Grandpa Peterson came with and so did our good friends the Tynes. It was a super fun holiday! NONE of the boys wanted to leave. In fact Will asked if he could stay until his birthday ( January 20 :)

We are so thankful for our family, friends and Amazing Savior this Christmas. Merry Christmas to all!