The Peterson Family

Saturday, July 13, 2013

two great loves combined into one activity

1. My Children
2. Jarassic Park

I love Jarassic Park. Going to the movie in the theatre twenty some years ago is one of my fondest childhood memories. I am serious. So when the MN Zoo announced a special dinosaur exhibit, I knew I just had to go. Throughout the entire exhibit the score to Jarassic Park played. I was in heaven and so was Bray. William...he preferred to view the dinosaurs from the stroller where he felt a little more shielded, but he was still very amazed nonetheless.

Friday, July 12, 2013

So. Beautiful.

Today while Braylon and I were gardening I could tell he was deep in thought. He said, " mommy did you know that God poured all of his love into Jesus' heart!" This is no doubt something he learned at our church's wonderful vacation bible school this week. So thankful for the community God has placed around our family.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Accomplishing a life long dream

Years ago Mike and I learned about the most amazing athletic competition and vowed that one day we would compete in it. Well three kids later our opportunity to compete in a wife carrying competition presented itself in Madison, Wisconsin. I think we signed up for it in April to ensure that we would follow through with the event and not let last minute plans prohibit us from fulfilling our life long dream of competing in this competition. On July 4th our big day came. We drove to Madison the night before and spent the night in a bed and breakfast to mentally prepare. Once we got  to the race it was all we hoped it would be and more. Although we were by far one of the oldest teams to compete in the event we were not to be intimidated. I knew that we wanted the title more than most of the couples. The course had several obstacles including: tires, a large puddle, hay barrels, a hurdle and a sand pit. Mike plowed through the course like a true champion and I held on for dear life, saying repeatedly "slow down, slow down, don't drop me." After we finished I anxiously watched the other teams to see if we would win the grand prize of my weight in beer and $5 per pound of my weight. Regretfully we did not win. We came in 6 out of 20. Coming home to Silas' smily face was indeed a consolation prize however.

We will certainly be going back again next year and will try to practice the art of wife carrying everyday until then. (Doesn't Silas look so proud of his mom and dad?)