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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

It has been too long. This is my only hope of documenting the childrens' childhoods. I have got to get better. Lets see what is new in our coop. Well, speaking of coops, we are the proud owners of chickens! Seven feathered friends now grace our backyards. The big boys have been harassing us for a while about getting chickens. We told them that the only way we could get them was if they paid for the coop. Well, one hot May day during a neighborhood celebration, they sold lemonade and low and behold made over $150. Can you believe it! In under 2 hours. So we made good on our promise and have a backyard full of chickens.

In other news, summer has been full of activities. Tennis, VBS, art camps, trips to the lake, and science camp. So much to do in such a short season. With four boys we are taking it all in. We are also trying to continue a relaxed rhythm with home school. Last week we discussed the current events and lamented the recent distress in our country. We took the boys to the govern's mansion to partake in the Black Lives Matter Protest. We told them that it is important to support those who are hurting and to protest things that we believe are not ok. These discussions led Braylon to want to write a letter to Obama regarding gun violence of all kinds. I included the letter below. he is so eager to see if his letter makes a difference. I hope all the boys have zeal and passion to do what they can to fight for what is right and just. As the mom of four white boys, I feel motivated to teach them about our countries history from a lens of realism, highlighting white priviledge and all the sadness that it has birthed and perpetuated. It may seem too heavy for their little brains, but I want their first teachers regarding the injustices of the world to be us, so that we can open up the conversation from an early age. In a time of difficulty in our city, I was very encouraged by the boys' hearts; listening to them process and hearing their desire to see justice and love for all. Lord, have mercy and grace, and pour out your spirit upon us that we may be reconcilers, peace pursuers and lovers of justice.  We need you!


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