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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Oh my heart...these kids

These Kids...are TOO much. Too much fun, too much trouble, too much work, too much love, too much, too much!!
Lets start with Bray. The boy is growing up TOO fast. As a first grader he is reading more books in a week than I ever have. In fact last month, he was the star readerHe  in his class. Reading the most minutes over spring break! I love his hunger for learning and his intense work ethic. The kid has focus and drive! He is constantly quizzing members of our family... "mom do you know what 1/8+ 7/8 is? I will give you three option A.....)

William.. this guy is one of a kind. I took him on a date the other day and we went to a local yarn shop so he could get his first knitting project. he has been asking me for months! The owner of the store was so pleased a six year old boy was eager to learn the joys of knitting that he asked Will what his favorite color was. When Will replied orange, the owner came back with three skeins of yarn...
" These are on the house; our contribution to the beginning of your knitting endeavor!" I love it so much! The boy is constantly wanting to create, craft, collect and brainstorm new ways to make money. He wants to sell lemonade, knit hats, bead creations and rock collections to all our neighbors and friends!

Jonah...loyal, affectionate and silly! He loves to try and get his brothers to laugh and will invent silly sayings and words to hear them giggle. He is also quite fast. Most everything to Jonah is a race and when he sets his mind to his next destination, he lifts one leg, like a road runner, and sets off! Apparently, four year old girls find his speed and silliness enticing as well! Several young girls, from classmates, to church friends to even family members have declared their desire to marry Jonah. Ladies Man!! I love hearing his giggles and it has been fun to watch him come out of his shell!

Silas... he is the exclamation mark at the end of your family! This guy is extroverted through and through. He has quickly warmed up to going to preschool everyday and eagerly steps into class everyday running up to his friends and teachers informing them about his latest adventures! In fact today, I had some extra time,

so I stayed awhile in his classroom and read stories to Jonah and some of his friends. Silas quietly came up to me and whispered in my ear "Can you leave now Mom?" He is three!!! The kid seriously can not sit still and gives us a run for our money most days with his new found stubbornness. But his charm and smile melt my heart. His earnest ideas and sweet and very loud voice crack me up.
Too much!! I love it! Well, most days I love it. And on the days when I don't ( which do happen), I have to remind myself of all the too much-ness and how incredibly blessed I am.


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