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Monday, November 23, 2015

Everyday tussles

I am getting plowed over everyday. Literally! Any time I get below three feet, whether to pick something up, tie a shoe or just take a seat, I get plowed over. Tackled. Bombarded. Run over.  You get the idea. As the boys are getting older, the more physical they are becoming. Today at the YMCA, I went to pick up Braylon and William and unseen Braylon blind sided me. I almost fell. No sweet hug or gentle touch, just a full on body check. I understand this is some sort of male ritual to show affection and connection. For example, today Braylon and William had a friend come over and before really chatting or playing with legos or whatever, they immediately began wrestling. After about an hour of rolling around, they sat down and read a book together. Baffling! I just can not imagine. " Hi, whats up" let me throw my body on top of yours and roll around violently together on the floor. Who does that? Well, apparently little and big boys. Silas is probably the most physical of them all. Mike actually holds him by the hands and swings him around upstairs in an effort to hit the other boys. So essentially Silas' body is a weapon. And they love it! I will come upstairs after having done the dishes and all of the boys have their shirts off and are drenched in sweat and are wildly throwing themselves all over the place. They are having the time of their that point I quickly and promptly turn around and go back downstairs.


Blogger kelli Hildebrandt said...

This is hilarious! I decided I needed to check out your blog... Being a mom of 3 boys myself! But since my youngest is still a baby and oldest only 4 I'm looking to you for what I have to look forward to! I have found the same thing with the 2 older ones... The constant wrestling, pushing, running, throwing, yelling! Oh man... I think to myself so often, I am so glad they have an involved and caring dad! He comes home and wrestles and swings them around and flips them all over... I just feel awkward when I try to take that role! But Greg loves it

January 26, 2016 at 9:18 PM  

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