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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

All things summer!

Summer. Oh, how I love thee. Not sure what it is about this summer, but I am really eating it up. I told  Mike the other day that I feel more content now than I have in awhile. Maybe it is the long days at the beach, or the extended lazy rest times at our house in the middle or the day, or perhaps it is the freedom of running around in the backyard in underwear ( the boys do this, not me, or Mike for that matter :) Whatever it is please, please Lord let this contentment stay!
The boys have been enjoying tennis, art camps and VBS. In fact, the bigs are at a VBS camp with grandma and grandpa Peterson right now! Which is the very reason why I have time to update the blog!
In the spirit of contentment and gratitude below is a list of my top reasons for thanksgiving. They are rated in no particular order.
1. The MN zoo. My parents get us a membership and it is such a fun summer hang out.
2. Jonah and Silas and their new found brotherly love. This is a big one! Jonah has had a hard time letting his brothers get close to hime. Watching him share and laugh with Silas is nothing short of a miracle. Today they actually ate lunch together in the same chair. This was Jonah's idea!
3. Grandparents! They are so helpful and involved. The boys are so lucky.
4. Mike! He is such a present dad and so fun to grow older with ( not old, because we are not old...but older :)
5. Our friends. I have such a close circle of friends here in Minneapolis. Friends I really enjoy all aspects of life with. It is unique and I do not know what I would do without them.
6. Having a almost 7 year old and 5 year old. We took Bray and Will camping and it was so fantastic. They are able to bike, canoe, hike and have some pretty deep conversations. I like exiting out of the littler years.
7. Related to #6 watching the bigs interests and personalities develop. This summer they have manned  three lemonade stands and have made a total of over $100. They will not spend a dime however, because they are bent on getting the largest Star Wars Lego set in existence. This was of course uncle Brandon's idea, and they are dead set on making him proud.

Cheers to a great summer!


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