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Thursday, June 25, 2015

A heartfelt thank you to the Ethiopian woman at the park

I think I have wrote on this subject give me grace! However I just have to say how blessed I was by this woman from Ethiopia. I was going on a creature hunt with Silas and William at Powderhorn when we met her. ( Side note: our hunt proved successful in that now we have a baby turtle in our kitchen.) She had kind eyes and told us she had just moved here from Africa 2 months ago. She pointed at Will and Silas and said " are these all your children." To which I replied, " no, I have two more sons at school today." To this she threw her hands in the air, looked up to the heavens and said " praise Jesus. " I am not exaggerating that when she said this it was with more sincerity than the best of preachers on Sunday morning. Immediately, my heart filled and I was convicted about how right she was. Praise Jesus I get to parent four kids. As I have written before, this is very contrary to the way most of the public responds to seeing or hearing about my four kids. Comments such as " wow, you sure are busy," or " that looks intense" are much more common. And I can not look down upon these comments in any way, since that is more along the lines of my own inner monologue daily than "praise Jesus." But hearing this sweet woman say those words, helped me remember that it is an honor to parent Braylon. It is a privalage to mother William. It is a joy to care for Jonah. And it is a delight to love on Silas. Praise Jesus indeed.


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