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Friday, January 16, 2015

An apple a day keeps the doctor away...

How about two, three, sometimes even four. The boys in our house are apple monsters. They eat so many apples. We average 16 every two days. I am not kidding. Although they will eat their apples in any form they prefer to eat them whole. There is evidence of this all over our house and even, unfortunately, our car. Apple cores under coaches, beds, car seats, blankets, legos... you name it and I have probably found an apple core there. Pretty disgusting huh. I blame myself. I am not a snack machine, and will only distribute food at appointed meal and snack times ( these appointed times vary each day depending on many factors.) So the famished boys will often take matters into their own hands and mouths.
They go straight for the bottom drawer in the fridge and grab an apple, or four perhaps, if they decide to grab for themselves and their brothers. If I tracked both Braylon and Silas' diets I am almost positive that at least 1/2 of the food they consume are apples. Maybe more.
I could write more about this subject, but I will leave it at this- they really don't get sick very much. Perhaps the old saying is true, and even more true if you eat, two, three or even four apples a day. The photos chronicle a typical day of apple consumption in our house.


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