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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Outnumbered. Bigtime!

Boys everywhere!! This is my world. When the boys were babies, their gender didn't seem to really matter. They cuddled, cooed, rocked, breast feed, eat baby food just like girls. Make no mistake, their gender is coming into full force now and I am feeling very outnumbered. My days are filled with wrestling, good guys, bad guys, legos, super heroes, swords, sticks and balls. Silas is proving to be the biggest brute of them all; he makes anything into a sword and walks around the house grunting on a regular basis. Now I know that I am stereotyping "boystuff." But this is just the reality right now. I need to find a girl outlet somewhere? But sense, as you all know, I am not too into the domestic front, perhaps I should should embrace the wrestling and sword fighting to fit into the majority. As

you can see though I do catch some tender moments.


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