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Thursday, November 21, 2013

An assortment of recent pics....

Including...Silas' dedication, a young mothers retreat, star wars drawings and everyday happenings!
Life has been very busy lately...always busy, but lately, quite frankly, insane. We are slowing down some now and it feels so good. Some highlights of late:
* I went to Brainard on retreat with 22 other moms. many of the moms were young moms from the youth group Mike used to lead. It was a really special time!
* Will has decided to become a chef, actually he says "cooker." He is constantly pulling a chair in the kitchen to help me cook.
* Silas can clap and wave! Big deal in the life of a 9 month old
* Braylon's obsession with Legos is intensifying with each passing day. I would guess at least 75% of the activity in his brain centers around Legos.
* Mike has a new role at his job. He is the director of a basketball program. This is a wonderful fit for him. He also gets to coach Bray!
* I have become pretty into yoga.
* Braylon and Will have begun liking chapter books.


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