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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Will!

I can not believe Will is FOUR!!!! He brings so much joy to our days. After a very festive party, he and Bray sat down next to the table, sharing a chair mind you, and worked together, with no fighting, assembling a lego set. They did this together for an hour!
It was so sweet….Will sharing his present with Bray and them working as a team. Watching them at that moment made me realize just how fast they are growing up! Bray exclaimed…" Will I love you, you are so generous!" :)
Some things I treasure about Will are:
he so snuggly!
he is hilarious and loves to chat
he has the brightest smile
he loves yoga, cooking and arts and crafts!
he loves to make other people happy
his laugh is contagious
he loves all types of food

Happy birthday sweet William Douglas!


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