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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Vacation all I ever wanted...

Mike and I went to Vail last week for 5 days sans kids! Ahhhh...thanks to the generosity of a donor at Hope Academy who allowed for us to stay at his condo. It was amazing to connect, relax, sleep, hike, eat good food, sleep, read, and did I mention sleep. We really need to make vacations for the two of us happen every year. They are indeed good for the soul and for the marriage.  The Fab Four were happy to see our us again, even Braylon who claimed " I don't think I really missed you," when asked if he missed us. Below are some pictures highlighting our trip as well as some fun summer outings, including a trip to the Bug Exhibit at the Zoo ( note in most of those pictures Braylon is making a scared face for dramatic effect)


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