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Friday, May 30, 2014

Four tidbits from a day well spent

Before writing this post I just want to make it known that I checked to see if tidbit was an actual word. It is; although it sounds so funny.
I just wanted to share some events from today, because today was an extraordinarily enjoyable day with the Fab Four ( Braylon, William, Jonah and Silas.)
1. We played in the backyard for 2 whole hours, with barely any squabbles or crying. It has been very hard to find an activity where every member of the Fab Four is happy. I have been pleading with Mike to get our backyard ready for the summer. Last year it was basically a mud pit with lots of hazardous materials lying around. This year Mike has been working so hard to provide his family with a fenced in grassy backyard. And we are almost there...close enough that we can actually use it! There is a small section not fenced in yet, but we just covered it with a board and lo and behold we are set! Our very own caged in place space. Today we ran through sprinklers, played in the kiddie pool, acted out war scenes with army guys in the water table and ate lots of fruit. It was heavenly! Special thanks to my sweet husband for making this a reality!
2. Will and Bray were playing legos together when I came to Bray laughing hysterically saying to Will "say it again," to which Will replied, " e-nee, mi-nee, my-nee, mo ( sp??) catch a tiger by the toe, little ones to Him belong, they are weak but He is strong." A new spin on "Jesus Loves Me," I guess?
3. When tucking Braylon in today, I was having  sweet moment with him and said, " please don't grow up Bray, just stay five." He said, " of course I am going to grow up and you are too mom. When you get old you will probably get sick right? You might even get leprosy." Sweet moment turned a little strange.
4. A habit that I started when Bray was a baby was crawling inside of his pack n play or crib when he was particularly upset at night or during naps. I continued the habit with William. Many of my friends were very weirded out by this habit. In fact, my friend Lucy once said that when she had to stay overnight at the hospital with one of her children that she found it strange that there needed to be a warning sign next to the hospital's crib saying " parents are prohibited from crawling into the crib with their baby. " ( or something along those lines). I did not find the warning strange since I do that all the time. She was shocked by my confession, as are many, but when your baby is upset, sometimes it just seems easier to hop on it and calm them down than take them out. Tonight was such a night. Silas went to sleep easily, but then woke up an hour later. So I climbed on it. Curled up in that little pack n play with him I thought about psalm 103 " praise the Lord oh my soul and forget not all of His benefits." Cuddling with my very sweet 16 month old is indeed a sweet benefit! One last note: my pack n play climbing skills are actually getting better and better thanks to my new yoga moves. Also note: the new pictures have nothing to do with today. Just some pictures I wanted to add.


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