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Monday, February 23, 2015

First things first

Lately I have been letting anxiety get the best of me. I hate it when that happens. I see a problem/struggle with one of the boys and I put all of my energy into researching/problem solving/discussing how to resolve it.  Quite frankly, it is exhausting, taxing and for the most part not that helpful. I do not want to discredited getting good advice, reading about a good parenting strategy, finding a helpful hint on a blog or researching a solution, BUT it will never compare to handing the whole entire thing over to Jesus.
So I am resolving to keep first things first. Only God can heal me and the boys, change our hearts, refine us and solve our problems, so I want to make it my practice to go to Him first. To be on my knees asking Him to work in my heart and the boys' hearts, to refine us and give us the wisdom we need when we do need to make decisions. If I am constantly in problem solving mode I will get exhausted so quickly, but if I hand the problems over to Him, He promises that His load is easy and His burden light. I am trusting that He will refine, shape, mold, heal and empower our whole family. Amen.


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