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Saturday, May 9, 2015

twenty dollars, two bunnies and one tooth

It was a big week at the Peterson household. Tons of action. One day we became the owners of two pet bunnies, the next day Braylon lost a tooth and days later we had our first lemonade stand and made twenty dollars. Unbelievable!
The bunnies are our kids' first pets, unless you count Booboo-head and Dougie. Booboo-head and Dougie were our fish. They didn't live too long. I am hoping Honey and Bunches ( the bunnies) will be with us for years to come. They live in a hutch in our backyard and we try and let them out in the fenced-

in backyard each day to play with our other four little bunnies. The bunnies are particularly a hit with Silas :)
On top of getting bunnies, we also began a booming lemonade business; one that Braylon hopes to replicate every weekend this summer. he said, " maybe if we make enough money and I keep saving it, I can buy a house. Keep the lemonade pouring!
We are enjoying the warmer weather and are also enjoying seeing the boys laugh and love each other. God has really answered our prayers regarding giving them deep friendships with one another.  Having four boys so close together can often be a recipe for possessiveness and contention, and certainly we have seen that. However, lately, there have been some really sweet moments of them loving and enjoying each other. Praise God, for this has been one of my most consistent prayers for them this season.


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