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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Mike and I left the kiddos for 7 days! It was hard, for sure, I missed them and felt like my arms and legs had been cut off at times, BUT, it was sooo good. We laughed, had adventures, had long dinners, walked everywhere and, did I mention, laugh? We enjoyed our time together so much and were reminded that not only do we love each other, but we really like each other too :) Sometimes in the hustle of everyday life we seem more like teammates... this trip cemented that we still are indeed best friends too!
I do not know if we will ever get back to Dublin or London, but I sure hope so. It was a total blast and below I have posted some highlights! The boys held up just fine thanks to grandmas and grandpas and our dear friends the Olsons. And we are very happy to be back home together under the same roof.
* Some pics from the boys on Easter are also included, thanks to grandma Julie


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