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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Tag your it!!

It is my turn. Mike quit his job at Urban Ventures after 8 great years. And now it is my turn to work full time. It has not been my turn in over seven years... so the last few months have been an adjustment. Mike is home with the boys, manning the homeschool stuff and doing way more chores and cooking than I EVER did when I was home. I have to say I set the bar very low in the chores and cooking department when I was mostly home. This has served him and I well, because now we are both pleasantly surprised that both of these bars have risen dramatically. Instead of frozen pizza or PB and J, we are having pork chops, pasta or even pancakes and bacon. It is wonderful! 

And I am still teaching at Hope, but have taken on three additional classes, which makes me full time.  
Mike was in need of a break for awhile from work/ministry/professional responsibility....We have talked about him leaving his job for awhile, but didn't know exactly how we could swing it. So when a full time position came up at Hope in January, it seemed like the right opportunity. And after about 8 weeks, we feel like it was indeed the right decision. I am enjoying the change of pace that working full time has provided and Mike is really liking his time at home with the boys. 

This season has certainly given us a greater appreciation for each other. Mike is grateful that I am bringing in a full time income and I am grateful to get a break on the home front (mostly the cooking and chores thing again. Although I never really did them, now I don't have to think about how I should be doing them:) I have had some struggles with missing my little guys. I have a whole new appreciation for working mamas! Each hour with my kiddos feels more precious and I often I feel like I am racing to get home so I can have a little bit of quality time before they are down for the day. During long breaks in my schedule at work I am trying to squeeze in being a recess helper at Bray and Will's school or meeting Mike and one or two of the boys for lunch or quick snack.

Although I have felt spread thin over the last few months, it has been amazing to watch Mike spend more time with the boys. He is really finding his groove with it and the boys are benefiting from more intentional time with him. 
As always, we are blessed.  


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