The Peterson Family

Monday, July 23, 2012

Truck or Lily???

This soon to be 4 year old who is cutting it loose at Mel and Dave's wedding, has alot of ideas. The other day Mike and I shared with him the EXCITING NEWS that I am pregnant! We are due in February. We asked Braylon what he thinks we should name the baby if it is a boy. This was seemingly an easy question because he quickly replied "Truck." When we asked him for a girl name he paused a little longer, but finally replied " Lily."
He also has been thinking about babies often since we told him. Here are a couple of his ponderings:
"If this next baby grows up like Will then you will have to have anoter one, and if that baby grows up then you will have to have another one." (sounds exhausting)
After reading from his Bible he stated, " I think baby Jesus lives in my tummy." This is all very confusing I think for him. He knows that Jesus lives inside of him but now has changed his mind to think that only a baby Jesus could live in inside of him because, in his words, " I am just a small boy so He (big Jesus) would not fit inside of me."
He is not the only one pondering babies. Will often carries around our ultrasound pictures for baby #3 saying "look at my baby." He too thinks a baby is growing in his tummy. But instead of thinking it is baby Jesus he, I believe, thinks the next Peterson baby is in him.
Oh confusion! One thing we are not confused about is how thankful and grateful we are to extend our family once again. " He has filled our days with good things and our cups runneth over with blessings.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

No worries!

"Our Lord never worried and was never anxious, because His purpose was never to accomplish His own plans but to fulfill God’s plans." Oswald Chambers

Oh that I might live in this state. No worry. No anxiety. Complete surrender to God's plans. Trusting in all circumstances that He is accomplishing His purposes in me.

I don't feel too worried today. In fact I feel quite the opposite. Relaxed and peaceful. Enjoying the fourth of july with my kind mother and father in law, my great husband and wonderful children. but I know that worry is always right around the corner and this is a good reminder for me to sink into, so that when it comes it won't stick.

I only have two days left of teaching summer school and then I am off for the summer. I have lofty plans of doing lots of homemaking. crafts. cooking. baking. maybe some decorating. I am envisioning myself during nap times whipping up all sorts of baked goods and perhaps doing some knitting. I get these kicks every now and again. it sounds so delightful. regardless, of how many pies I make or hats I knit, I know I will enjoy six whole weeks of not working and spending more time with my boys.