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Wednesday, November 2, 2016


 Sometimes I watch my boys when they are asleep and pray over them.
Sometimes I hold them so tight and wish I could freeze time.
Sometimes I try and think about my life before they came and wonder how I ever filled the minutes. i can not remember.
Sometimes I think about them as big people. What kind of big people will they be? Will they remember that I prayed over them when they were asleep?
Sometimes I get nervous that this world will harm them, scar them- it will surely disappoint them.
Sometimes I want to abandon my grown up day plans and just be a fly on the wall and watch them clumsily yet beautifully navigate the demands of their day. I know I would be inspired.
Sometimes I feel the need to tell them a million times a day that I love them, thinking this love will carry them through all of life's waters. It won't. Only God's love can. Yet I tell them as a sort of desperate insurance policy.


Blogger Anna Arnold Seymour said...

Hi Kendra,
I tried to comment on the allthingsjonah blog but it wouldn't let me, since I'm not a team member. i assume that it is because of the way the blog is set up, or for privacy reasons, which i totally understand. I just felt compelled to reach out after reading your latest update on Jonah.

I'm Stephen's sister and i just had to say thank you so much for sharing some of Jonah's life with us. Not sure why it hit me so hard today, but it brought tears to my eyes to see how happy and healthy Jonah is. He looks so much like Stephen its amazing.

The thought of him growing up with brothers to play with, learning to love the Lord, and surrounded by love, joy, and stability has brought so much peace to me and my family.

THe words thank you don't seem like enough to express my gratitude and thankfulness for you guys. Thank you for choosing him to be your son, thank you for loving him, thank you for giving him such a great life. Most of all, thank you so much for sharing some of his life with us.

I hope i get to meet Jonah again one day, i only met him once or twice when he was a little baby. I know what a silly, fun, adventurous child my brother was, so i can only imagine the joy, laughter, and probably a little mischief that fills your home.

I think that if you take the very best traits of Stephen (of which there are many, despite his struggles) plus all the good that y'all will undoubtedly instill in him, I am sure that Jonah is destined for greatness.

I'm not sure what else to say besides just…thank you, Mike & Kendra.

We love you, Jonah, and can't wait to see the amazing things you will do, and what God has planned for you.

November 11, 2016 at 9:36 AM  

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