The Peterson Family

Sunday, March 5, 2017

For the love of the game

Football, basketball, floor hockey, ping pong.... you name it. The boys love to play sports. They are just a tiny bit competitive however. Maybe hyper competitive. Maybe turn every event in life into a competition competitive. I wold like to say that this lovely trait did not come from me- but the truth is it came from me AND Mike. Double whammie of competitiveness.

I am having to tone down my competitive drive since I found out I have mono yesterday. No fun. Just want to sleep all the time, but can't because I have 120 students and four little guys. No need to pity myself though because my boys do take good care of me when I am ill. I told them my sickness makes me want to sleep all the time and they all said I can nap in their beds whenever I feel like it. Woohoo. And as I have monitored their play this weekend I have indeed rested in many of their beds.

The big boys just finished basketball season. They loved it. The little boys also loved it cause at the games I let them eat quite a bit of candy. Hey, you deserve an incentive to watch two basketball games in a row.


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