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Monday, April 3, 2017

We bought an RV

This is not an April Fools Day joke. It is real. And even more surprising is the following: we are going to use it for a 6 month road trip. Yep, we are taking our family, six deep, on a cross country road trip. Our estimated month of departure: February 2018.
This trip is sort of a "going off the grid" adventure that Mike and I began dreaming about almost one year ago. We met another family last summer from Argentina who was doing a similar adventure with their family of six. When I commented to them nonchalantly, " I would love to do that." They said, "you should." Two words spurred a new trajectory. Could we really? Can we afford it? Could I take a leave of absence for six months from work? Can we enroll the kids in school for half a year? Is it possible to rent our house for six months? Can our family withstand 6 months of NONSTOP time together? Can I withstand that? How will we work out? Go on dates? Get a good nights sleep? The questions could go on and on...
The answerable questions have been answered, the unanswered well, are yet to be figured out or better yet lived out. But we have decided to go for it and Mike is on his way to NY this weekend to pick up our new GIGANTIC RV. He is planning on doing quite a bit of rehab to get it ready for what we are affectionately calling " the journey." 
Below you can see some training sessions we have been implementing to prepare for the journey. The curriculum entails: lifting heavy objects, for manual labor will be regularly needed; communicating with animals in the wild; showing brotherly love daily; walking on all terrains, with or without proper footwear; and eating new and diverse foods, such as spicy wings.


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