The Peterson Family

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Glamour Shots

Lots of fun pictures here. They were taken by our fav photographer who lives downstairs:ABBY!The boys are really showing off their cuteness. As a reading teacher, I am constantly asking my students to summarize what they read in twelve words or less. So here is my hand at doing this for each Peterson as of late...
Silas: His laugh is contagious-he loves hard and is a phenomenal friend.
Jonah: Loves the water- physically strong and mentally tender- thrill seeker
William: Fiercely loyal, consistently generous- loves to fish and is a tenacious athlete
Braylon: Steadfast and determined- loves knowledge, has high expectations- adores reading
Kendra: Loving summer- obsessed with yoga, reading and writing
Mike: Obsessed with the RV, researching and planning- consistently engaging with the kids

I totally own that I could do a summary of each of our flaws as well. But I chose to focus on the positive, because, well, the positive is way better to reflect upon.



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