The Peterson Family

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hello friends, 
I wanted to post some new pictures that my aunt Joyce took. She is a photographer and does some really great work! This thanksgiving we have been pretty low key. It has been nice especially since I will be starting teaching on Monday. Please pray for this transition. Also pray for my relationships with my new students. That they would trust me and that we all would grow and learn together. 
Braylon continues to bring us so much joy. I am so thankful for him. In the words of Lauren Hill's song "Zion" ... " I know that a gift this great is one that only God could create and I am reminded everytime I see his face." It really is miraculous just how much he has changed me. He is helping me to become less self absorbed and it is a natural transition since I am so in love with him. So praise God for the way He works in our lives to refine us. 
Mike is gong to Boston this weekend, for all you Bostonians reading this... I really wish I could go, but I am running in a half marathon in Vegas on Sunday with my friend Alison Gaston. I am excited for the race, but a little nervous about it. My training has been a little spotty, but it will be fun nonetheless. Hopefully I will make it to Boston some time after the new year! 
Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving... much love from the Petersons! 

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Few Words From Dad...

I couldn't let mom have all of the fun with this blog thing, so I thought I'd write a little entry of my own.  I'm actually in the middle of writing a sermon for tomorrow, so this is a nice break.  I need a couple of minutes of not thinking about implications for my life from the story of Abraham and Lot...  I also wanted to see how it would work to add a little video to spice up the blog.  It is a pretty bare bones video, but if this goes well I might try and take it to the next level on future videos.  It's just a few seconds of Braylon taking in one of his new favorites pastimes playing with a toy he got from Great Grandma Antony.  He's pretty chill on this video, but sometimes when we put him under there he really gets his legs going...  I know I'm only a couple of months in, but I'm really liking this fatherhood thing.  It's amazing how much fun it can be to stare at the little guy just waiting to see what face he'll make or how he's going to kick his legs or flail his arms.  I guess babies teach you to appreciate the little things...  Well, I don't want to get wordy on my first shot, but there will definitely be more to come.  Stay tuned.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Braylon and I are at a local coffee shop in Minneapolis. One of the things I really like about Minneapolis is the plethora of independent coffee shops. The weather is getting cold and he is snuggled into a full body frog suit... it is adorable! He has been smiling a ton lately and loves to lay on the floor and kick.. I think a soccer career could be in his future. 
I added a couple more pics and will continue to do so periodically. 
 Today I accepted a job teaching 6th grade at Hope Academy. This was a very difficult decision... but after lots of pray and talks with Mike I decided to step forward in faith and take it. I will be teaching everyday from about 12 to 4... so the hours are great. When I am there I will be teaching the whole time, therefore I will be planning all of my lessons from home, which allows me to spend more time with my little man and my big man. It is a christian school that serves primarily low income families from the neighborhood. I am excited to start teaching again and am eager to love the students that the Lord will be entrusting to me during this period. Please pray for this transition that the Lord would deepen my trust in Him and that I would be selfless as I work both at the school and at home. 
 Mike is still really liking his job. He loves being a part of a team that is really working together to serve teens. HIs hours are also flexible enough that he is able to spend a good amount of time with Bray and I.  Please pray for him as he works to share God's love and hope with the teenagers in South Minneapolis. 
I am feeling very grateful for all the good, really amazing gifts, God has given us. After a month of being here, I am beginning to feel more and more at ease. Praise God.