The Peterson Family

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Look at me!

Hi everyone! I wanted to add some new pictures that my aunt Joyce took. She always does such a great job. We are doing well. I can't believe that in just 3 months our other little man will be here. Wow! Life will be different. We are settling into our new house and are loving being home owners. Work is good for both of us and we are feeling pretty busy these days. The fall seems to be moving at a faster pace than the summer. Being pregnant in the fall is much more enjoyable than summer, I must say. Everyone else is feeling chilly and I am feeling comfortable. Fall is just so great... big sweaters, apple cider, pumpkin bread, the leaves.. oh I hope it stays for a long time ( probably not much chance of that :). Bray is so much fun these days. He is such a little ham and loves getting attention from anywhere he can get it. Oh we love him so much!