The Peterson Family

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Almost one

Hi friends! 
Our little man is turning one in a little over a week and are baby in utero is turning 18 weeks. Braylon is still walking around and against everything but has yet to accomplish his first step. I think it will be soon though. He is also babbling much more and I think we hear a mama and dada in there every now and again... However that could very well be wishful thinking on our end. His favorite game is peek-a-boo and it seemingly never gets old:)
We close on our house tomorrow and are excited about moving in. I can not wait to have more space, yet I will miss the coziness of our apartment and sharing a bedroom with my whole family. There is just something about knowing everyone is in the same room. 
I begin working part time at Hope Academy ( the same school I was at last year) in two weeks. I am doing some small group teaching and some counseling. I am excited about not being in the classroom and instead having an opportunity to work with kids on more of an individualized basis. 
Mike is well and is enjoying a week off at home with Bray and I. Right now he is sporting a full beard.. I wish I had a picture. I am wondering if he is planning on growing it long and fuzzy? There is no real way of telling with him!  
Hope all is well with everyone. God bless!