The Peterson Family

Friday, March 25, 2011

Refined Dining

After two weeks of being ill, I took the boys to eat french fries at a posh restaurant in Uptown called Barbette. We hadn't been out of the house together for an outing in two weeks, unless you count doctor's visits. It all started with the flu, then spiraled into high fevers, runny noses, an ear infection, thrush, hives from an anti-biotic, a measles scare and a sinus infection. Between the two boys we went to the doctor 7 times in two weeks and the ER once. It was exhausting, draining, pretty scary and isolating. But it is over and God certainly taught me a thing or two during the whole ordeal. So I took the boys to Barbette to celebrate our health. This is certainly not like McDonalds. Which was exactly the point. I did not want to go somewhere to celebrate where there were kiddie germs crawling all over, plus I wanted to feel grown up and enjoy our outing in a refined and distinguished atmosphere. Since this was not a place you usually take the kids to, we were the only children in the place. We ordered our plate of fries to share and enjoyed some good conversation, like " That is a girl over there.." or " where are the police cars mommy? " or " can I take my shoes off in here? " You know real dignified and deep thoughts by Bray. As we ate I woman from the Star Tribune newspaper came over and asked if she could take some photos of us since she was doing a review on the restaurant. She seemed intrigued that this is where I chose to bring my two and one year old to for a mommy and me outing. I told her my reasoning and she snapped away. The boys stared at the camera the whole time, which did not make for a very photogenic shoot. She sent me the best pictures and I attached one. I do not think this will be our big break.