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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years!

Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying the holidays. We certainly are. It has been a restful couple of weeks and we are so thankful for the down time. the baby is due in just four short weeks and we have spent the last couple of days getting the house ready for his arrival. I am anxious to meet him and feel like it would be ok if he came sooner rather than later. Isn't that what all pregnant women say during the last LONG month. 
Mike gave me the morning to myself and I went to our local coffee shop to spend some time with the Lord. I am so grateful for Mike! How to single parents do it; he is a great father and husband and really the rock of our family. Oh, it was so sweet to have some alone time to think about the past year as well as the year to come. I felt like I heard the Lord clearly say that although things may get chaotic, it is ok cause He's got me. Even though I may feel a mess, he is never a mess.. He is in total control. So good to hear, when you feel frazzled by life. 
Below are some pictures of Bray from Christmas. He enjoyed being the center of attention at both families' Christmases. he has been talking so much lately and at every occasion possible he shows off the words he knows.. clock, ball, off, door, daddy, truck, whoa, uh oh, weeee, 
nummm ( translation- good food).   
I have a feeling that the next time I write you will be seeing pictures of a new baby. I guess I should change the name of our blog.. well we will worry about that later. 


Blogger NellyP said...

such a big boy... I had such a special time with Braylon this christmas that I will always cherish. What a sweet little boy I love him and miss him already. Can't wait to meet William soon!!!

January 3, 2010 at 6:39 PM  

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