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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Too long

Hello all, 
So sorry I have been such a slacker at updating this puppy. I am on spring break this week and am so pumped. Bray is pumped too ( or at least it seems like he is pumped!) My little man is getting to be so social. He is a very smily baby and loves to move around.. ALOT! Some of his favorite activities are jumping in his jumper, laughing at silly noises mommy and daddy make, being carried in the baby carrier, being read to and eating big boy food. He is not crawling yet, but seems like he is ready to. We are just so crazy about him and I often reflect upon how blessed we are to have such an amazing gift. God is so kind. He gives us, His kids,  the best gifts! 
Mike has been on the hunt for a house. We have put in a couple offers, but nothing has panned out yet. On one hand we are not overly anxious because we like where we are at and on the other hand we are because baby Bubba is going to need some more space real soon. 
Work is good for both of us. I am enjoying my sixth graders and I think they are SOMETIMES enjoying me. They continue to challenge and stretch me in new ways. I need more of God's perspective each and everyday to have the wisdom, energy and strength to deal with all the complexities of their little lives. 
If you are wondering what the pics are from, they are from grandma Antony's Easter photo shoot. This is what happens when you leave your baby alone with their grandma. 
I miss you all very much and promise to try to be better at updating l 


Blogger A Klein said...

I love the Easter photo shoot! Post more of those! Miss you lots, sending lots of love from California!

April 4, 2009 at 6:56 PM  

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