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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My first ( and hopefully only) love

Braylon met the lovely Willa on Valentines. ( Our dear friends Sara and Justins' daughter.) I could tell it was love at first sight!! He was enamored with her beauty and she was mesmerized by his charm! I hope they have a long happy and healthy relationship.  
Bray and I had such a great weekend in Boston. Although we did not get to see everyone near and dear to us, we did get to catch up with many great friends. I loved seeing Sarah and Sara's new babies, Jude and Willa. I miss them so much! We also had a wonderful Valentines date with Noelle, Tyler and Leah. It was so sweet to be at RPC on Sunday morning. I could just feel the presence of the Lord there and it felt like we were right at home! 
Braylon connected with many old friends and some new ones and we can not wait until our next trip to Bean town! Hope everyone is doing well! 


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