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Saturday, January 15, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things..

These are a few of my favorite things about ALL of me boys...
* Watching Bray have a dance party by himself every night in our living room
* Will's enthusiasm about his new clapping ability
* Weekend outings with the family ( Mayday, Children's Museum, Zoo, Global Market)
* Reading to Bray at night and snuggling with him
* The way Mike sacrificially loves us all, putting our family's needs before his own
* Watching Bray dance and praise Jesus at church during worship time
* Will's irrestible chubby cheeks
* Date nights with Mike
* Bray and Will hugging and kissing
* Family circle time
* Bray's infatuation with skateboards
* Will's infatuation with his own reflection
* Watching Mike relate to all of the urban youth in his program
* Praying with Mike for our boys
* Listening to Bray sing in his room when he is trying to fall asleep ( he is doing this right now)
* Will's excitement to see Mike or I whenever we walk in a room
* Hearing Bray say " I love you." or " I missed you"
* Will's gigantic smile!

He has filled my days with GOOD things. My heart is full! I am so excited to see what is on store for 2011.


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