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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bad habits are HARD to break!

This will be quite a different post. I would like to be very transparent with all of you and inform you about all of the bad habits that we have instilled in our children that we are now working desperately hard to break. I figure honesty is the best policy and perhaps you have some advice for me!

The Closet Sleeper: William still, at 15 months, is happily sleeping in our walk in closet every night in his pack in play. Every time we have WEAKLY attempted to put him in his crib in his big brother's room has been a bit of a disaster. We could probably trudge through it, and eventually will have to, but at this point, no night really seems like a good night to not get sleep. For now, Mike and I whisper when going to bed and freeze if we hear even a faint whimper of groan. Will is indeed a very light sleeper.

The Nuk Lover: Braylon is in love. He loves sleeping with his Nuks. Usually he holds one in each hand and sucks on one while asleep. I know this too must go.... but won't it be so painful, I mean breaking up is hard to do.

The Cling On: Although it is good to love your mommy and daddy, William is a little too attached. He prefers to be held by mommy and/or daddy over almost all other activities. He is not too fond of strangers. We have taken him to our church's nursery every Sunday and every Sunday ( no exagerration here) our number flashes on the screen, informing us that we must promptly come retrieve our SCREAMING child.
Since William is about 26 pounds carrying him can get a little tiring... so we are trying to encourage walking. Not too successful yet. A mom at the gym reassured me that it is just fine to not walk at 15 months her daughter didn't start walking until 21 months. That was not reassuring, I can not carry the Cling-On for SIX more months.

The " it's cool to pee in your pants" anti-potty trainee: I have been patiently waiting to see signs that Bray is ready to potty train, for that is what all the books say...wait for the signs.. perhaps I missed the signs!?! So I just thought we would give it a shot a couple of days ago. Since then, he has successfully peed and pooped on the floor three times, in his pants or diapers numerous times and in the potty ONE time. That one time was glorious however and we did do a BIG celebration, involving M&Ms and a potty song. However, I think he is losing interest quickly, he has said to me numerous times over the last few days " I don't want to do potty training today mommy." Well ok then!

I hope you got a good laugh. Despite their bad habits, as you can tell by their recent Easter pictures at grandmas, they are quite cute! ( Even though Will looks a little like a girl in that silly Easter get-up my mom put on him :)

Life is good and God is full of grace. We will conquer these bad habits!


Blogger Keri Beth Mason said...

I have no advice other than...if he is sleeping well in the pack n play...let it happen.

Nuks will suck to take them away, just do it cold turkey but only when you're ready for battle.

Cling ons are tricky, but he will eventually walk...but probably still want to be held too :)

Potty training - how old is he? I think boys are harder than girls. Maybe have fun peeing on things outside? that's how they taught my newphew...they let him pee on the truck tires.

I'm so unhelpful :)


April 20, 2011 at 1:50 PM  
Blogger NellyP said...

Can't wait to see these little cutie pies!!! Miss you... enjoyed reading this post alot :)

Love you sis, hang in there.

April 22, 2011 at 9:39 AM  

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