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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Raising City Kids

For the last 10 days or so we have not had a vehicle. Our van is experiencing some difficulties. However I must say we are managing rather well thanks to some great friends who have allowed us to borrow their vehicles to get to church and the store. As a result of our plight we are fully embracing all our city surrounding has to offer. For starters we have been feeding the ducks almost daily at our local park. The other day we were throwing all our stale bread to our feathered friends when a man approached us with a large sack, after some small talk he proceeded to pull out of his bag large pieces of chalk which he used to draw us our very own hop scotch grid. He was a Mary Poppins of sorts and was a little unorthodox but hey it is not everyday you get your own hop scotch grid drawn especially for you right before your eyes. He left me with two one dollar coins which he insisted I must save for the boys for when they loose their first teeth. I already lost them.
After days of just going to our local playground or staying inside and making bird nests ( taking lost of pillows/blankets and piling them up in our little porch and rolling in them and jumping on them) Mike and I decided to take the boys on the city bus so that we could go to a nearby lake. It was gorgeous outside and we were itching to get out. The boys loved the city bus. It almost made me think maybe we do not need a vehicle.I was romantizing about the days when I only took public transit in NYC. I love the people watching, the sights, the walking ect... However, the trip was not all romantic nastalgia. I was also reminded about how when people are packed in tight spaces, fuses can get short. On the way back a lady sitting near us was covering her ears with her hands. a man sitting next to hear asked if she didn't like the noise of the bus; she responded by looking at us and saying " the bus is fine, I do not like the noise of the children." Thankfully the boys were oblivious to her ill will and continued to enjoy the ride. Everyday in the city is a new adventure; I love it and would not have it any other way.


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