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Friday, December 7, 2012

Stroller chaos

Just have to get this story documented before it leaves my mind. The other day we went to our local park with some friends. We decided to celebrate the unseasonably warm weather by feeding the ducks in the pond. My friend Lucy brought a box of Kix and we went to the dock and enjoyed the activity UNTIL Will started screaming, "the stroller, the stroller..." Well the stroller, which fortunately was baby less had rolled into the pond and was submerged. Now before I go further I must say that this stroller is a very nice double stroller that is worth more than, well, anything we really own. Braylon immediately started crying "How did this happen?" And Lucy and I immediately began scheming as to how we could retrieve it. I must admit that even though it was submerged in about 3 feet of water and it was about 35 degrees out and I am 7 months preggo, I contemplated jumping in to recover this valued possession. However Bray gave me some sticks he found and Lucy and I were able to fish it out. Proud and happy I began heading back, when I realized that my phone and keys had been in the stroller. So I returned to the pond and clearly saw both about 4 feet out. This led Bray back into crying mode, " Oh no this is so bad, we need those, how did this happen ect..." I could not retrieve these items with a stick so I went to the nearby community center and asked for some help. The nice men working there made it seem like strollers rolling into the pond was a common mishap and quickly got to work and were successfully able to secure my phone and keys. Now for the Christmas miracle in all phone, which had been submerged in the slimy water for at least 15 minutes is working just fine and has not been damaged in any way. Incredible, the whole thing....I have been known to exaggerate, but this is a completely true story!


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