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Friday, September 14, 2012

We have a very large family indeed!

About 6 weeks ago a young mom whom I have mentored for many years came to live with us. She lives in our attic apartment with her two children. The attic apartment was a dream God gave us a little over a year ago. We envisioned using the space to house and support a young mom.  Because of God's provision and faithfulness this dream became a reality when Micah moved in. I still am blown away by the whole thing. When we asked Bray what he thought about Micah and her kids moving in he said " that is good, we need a bigger family."
Having Micah's family live alongside our family as well as Eric and Madeline creates a very large family indeed, especially at the dinner table when we all eat together. ( For those of you who don't know, Eric and Madeline are our dear friends who live downstairs).The kids pretty much take over the time and us adults are pretty lucky if we get a couple sentences in to each other. At the table we have Braylon and William as well as La'Mychael who is almost 3 and La'Myiah who turns 1 this week.
I guess I just wanted to give an update regarding the expansion of our household. As Braylon said, it is good to have more family around. Often it feels like more energy is required with more faces and personalities around, but God is able to supply all our needs, including energy, out of His glorious riches. Even though my bank often runs dry, His never does. So I will go to the Source when I get depleted....better yet I will go to the Source regularly so I do not get depleted.


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