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Thursday, April 5, 2012


This week I have had off for spring break... I have had more time for reflection and have been journaling about thankfulness. Every day I list ten things I am thankful for. It is a great exercise and one I hope to continue past spring break. Below are listed some I have taken straight from my journal...

Will's snuggles in the morning ( this has been listed multiple days)
Madeline ( our sweet housemate and my dear sister in Christ, she has also been listed more than once for her companionship, shared vision and her love for our kids)
My mother's faith
The Attic ( the provision and possibilities)
Powderhorn park ( endless possibilities for fun... four parks, ducks, pond.. awesomeness)
Easter, hope, excitement, anticipation
Religious freedom
Sanctuary Covenant Church
The farm at the MN zoo
Redemption in my marriage each week, despite my often poor attitute
Free mini-van ( thank you Jesus for your amazing provision)
Worship songs in the car--time to praise Jesus in the midst of the day
Nice weather in April
JAMAICA( also listed several times, we are going there next week for Brandon's wedding)
Alexis, actually the whole Tynes family
Opportunities to love teen moms and point them to Jesus
Coffee, good coffee
The Word of God
Shawnasee ( 16 year old girl who just moved into our duplex 2 months ago, sweet and her laugh)
Teachers to explain the Word
Grace, undeserved, nothing I do, just free and pouring
Braylon pretending to be Will's dad
Sarah Bianchi( my sweet friend from Boston who encourages me to love Him more)
Anticipation of date night with my amazing hubby
Having conversations with my boys, ALL of them
Jesus, everything about Him

Just a glimpse into my world right now!


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