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Monday, June 11, 2012

Rick and Noelle get married!

 Last weekend Rick and Noelle got married. It was a busy and joyful weekend full of celebration. As you can see the boys were in the wedding and got to sport pretty fantastic boy ties. I am happy to say that they made it down the aisle. I did have to hold each of their hands, but that was ok since I was in the wedding too. They have literally almost been sleeping ever since we got back from the wedding, which leads me to believe that perhaps some weekends I should prevent them from taking naps and keep them up late, so that I can get 2 days where they basically sleep all day and night!
 It really was the most beautiful wedding. Every details was sweet and personal. Bonnie and Doug's backyard served as a gorgeous backdrop and all the greenery was so lovely. We are excited to have an new uncle for the boys and they think Rick is pretty cool.
Side note: I have more pictures of Will displayed, not because I love hom more than Bray, but because immediately after the ceremony Bray fell asleep for about 2.5 hours. And then he woke up at 830 pm busted out of the house and said " I woke up all by myself." Then he proceeded to party with us for the rest of the night!


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