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Monday, April 29, 2013

You can't always get what you want...

...No matter how hard you try. Braylon has sunk to new levels. The other night he asked me during his bedtime routine if he could sleep in our bed. (disclaimer: I often let him do this when MIke works late cause he is annoyed with Will's non-stop talking and singing. I feel for him and let him go lay in our bed.) Mike was tucking him in and had already said that he had to sleep in his own bed. To provide a unified front I supported Mike and said he must sleep in his own bed. Well, after getting tucked in, he snuck out of his room and came over to me while I was nursing Silas. He quietly said, "if I pee my pants, can I sleep in your bed." I was a little alarmed and before I could respond he ran back into his bed. Seconds later, he cried out...." I peed my bed." Disturbed and shocked I asked Mike to go check the scene, sure enough he peed in his bed. Not sure how to respond I took him aside and asked him why he wet the bed. He said, " it was an accident." Obviously he forgot he had given me a heads up regarding his little plan. So I asked again, " Bray I want you to tell mommy the truth, I know it wasn't an accident, why did you wet the bed?" He looks at my sheepishly, smiles and says, " I wet the bed because I love you."
Try as he might, his creative and strange tactic did not get him what he wanted.
This little guy however gets pretty much whatever he wants. His sweet little smile continues to melt our hearts everyday.


Blogger Paul Reams said...

I loved this story, Kendra! I told Amy and she loved it too. We miss you and Mike and think of you fondly and often.


July 6, 2013 at 9:07 PM  

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