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Monday, June 6, 2011

Some recent highlights

I have posted some new pictures. As I looked back on my last post, I was hoping to say I have successful broke all of our bad habits... .um... that has not happened. I think we still have all 4 habits. Some progress has been made in the toileting area and Will is walking a little bit. Small steps, friends!

I have the whole week off. YES, YES and YES! Next week I start summer school. NO NO and NO. I like my job really, just feeling like being home more these days.

Below are some recent highlights from the beginning of summer.

DUCK??Will says duck all the time, and we have discovered that duck is indeed every animal. Bray just encourages it.. "Will thats a duck (pointing to a cat, while smirking)

PARADE: After the famous band festival in Mason City, I am contemplating taking our children to parades every weekend. They both were entralled as bands, candy and attention flooded their way. We had a great time with Mike's family that weekend. We love going to Grandma and Grandpa Petersons.

ZOOS: The pictures attached are from the zoo. We go at least once a week. Yesterday Grandma Julie, Brandon and Nikki came with us. It was fun to share this with them. I love watching my mom with the boys. They bring her so much joy and they adore her. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!

NEW SASS: As Bray is getting older he is saying some more sassy things. " Mom can we go to the store?" me: " No, Bray dad has the car." Bray: " We could at least buy another one!" Me:

" We don't have that kind of money" Bray: " Well we should go find one then."

CATEPILLARS: We have three new pets. Well four now because they reproduced. LIving on our kitchen table are 3 catepillars. Baby, Hurmon and Elmer.. named by yours truly and Bray. One is already hanging and getting ready to cacoon a verb??? Any name suggestions for number 4?

TRUSTING THE LORD TO NEW DEPTHS: As my boys get older, I am constantly battling worrying about them. Oh, it feels so icky to worry. So unproductive and so paralyzing at times. Yet, in His almighty goodness, God is so good to remind me " Don't worry I got this! I can care for them better, give those concerns over to me, let go. " Trusting to new levels is hard, but so worth it. Choosing His way of doing things is ALWAYS worth it. And His peace which surpasses all human understanding, storms in and gaurds my heart and mind. Ahhh He is the solution to my worry, I know this, but often forget.


Blogger alis-on said...

I love this post and the pictures!
First, I love your new sassy haircut! Maybe it isn't new but it looks so cute. The boys look adorable as always, sounds like you are all having a fun summer so far. What about Lily for caterpillar #4? Wasn't that Herman Munster's wife's name?
And thanks for the reminder about worrying. I too forget a lot.

June 13, 2011 at 11:33 AM  

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