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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I love you everyday

"Mommy I love you everyday.." unprompted and just what I needed to hear today. Mike left to go to Chicago for a week.. he just got back a little over a week ago from being gone for 8 days in the boundary waters. So I was feeling sad that daddy was gone today and Bray said those 5 words to cheer me right up.
We have been doing ALOT of swimming, usually twice a day. It is really our only activity.. in the lakes, in the wading pools, in our backyard and at our favorite, the fountain museums. In Minneapolis there are several places called splash pads where there are various fountains spewing inside of wading pools or just on cushy sponge floors. Bray calls these places fountain museums.. I like it and think Mineapolis should call them that too! When we are at the fountain museums, or even in the general area of any standing water, Bray has made some very suggestive comments to me and some of my mommy friends, as well as some of his girl friends. He boldly asks, " Are you going to take off your shirt," or just orders " ________, take off your shirt." Hmmm, kind of uncomfortable. I have come to realize this simply should be interpreted as " I want to swim with you and if you take off your shirt I know you too are serious about swimming."

Will's vocabulary is growing. So far we have: yes, mommy, daddy, cheese, that, bye, bye, hi, doggie, duck, tree and toys down pat. He can even say little phrases like the other morning when Mike woke up with him. Mike asked him " Will would you like breakfast" and Will replied " yes, cheese." He is also a walking machine which is making my life kindof crazy when we go anywhere that is not completely caged in.

I finished summer school today. I had my whole reading class over for lunch. It really is MY pleasure to work at a place as wonderful as Hope Academy, where all the staff encourages me in my relationship with Christ and all the students make me smile day in and day out. Next year will be my fourth wonderful year there... it just keeps getting better!


Blogger nellyp said...

those boys are growing right up! So nice to see you last week, love you and I hope Bray continues to practice his underwater skills :)

July 15, 2011 at 5:41 PM  

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